In Development

Films in production

  • 17 ‘Death is Easy Living is Hard’. A low budget feature written by Emma Passmore,
    Michael [17] stabs Jason. A fatal mistake.Jason’s mum, Florence, tries to find his killer, whilst Michael tries to find a way out of his own private Hell.
    As they come to terms with what has happened, the consequences of violence rumble like aftershocks through their lives.
    Death is easy, living is hard.


  • Jennifer Came Too Written by Helena Smith.  Sophie is 12 and she’s losing her hair and has to be taken to have a wig fitted which is far more complex that she realised.

Films in development:

Conclusion Treatment for a feature film based on a novel. A violent vendetta culminates in a family tragedy for four-year old Sorcha who is spared only by an extraordinary act of mercy. Years later Sorcha is searching for her childhood saviour and for answers to the questions that have always haunted her.

The Truth Tale Treatment for a feature film. Pietrek is an orphan living in London. He is determined to find out who he is and where he’s come from. As he travels back through eastern Europe a vague memory of a woman haunts him and an ancient folk story holds more truth than tale.